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This is a place to qwerty everything
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Awak comel.
Percaya tak?
Hm percayalah pleaseeee

K tipu jewp hahahaha
Kalau dah baca toksah nak memarah kalau gua cerita pasal lu. Suka hati gua nak cerita pasai sapa k. Kalau dah terasa tu whoops padan muka kahkahkah. Ini blog gua, kalau tapuasti meh kita face to face toksah pendam kang hati lu pula terbakar bhahaha.
Gimme some space to breathe.

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Love and Forgiveness.

How can these two words, Love and Forgiveness change your whole perspective on life ? First, you must put your trust in something bigger than yourself. You may call it Allah or whatever your faith is. Trust that it has a bigger plan than your everyday troubles. What is the most important lesson you can learn while here on earth ? Love and Forgiveness. But how do you can get to the love part if you have hatred in your heart ? Forgive. It sounds so simple and yet it can be the most difficult thing that you can do in this life time.

You were wronged or someone betrayed you. How can let that go ? Forgive. It will set you heart free. Here are some steps that can get you there. Feel your anger, sadness or whatever it is you need to get all those emotions out. Write it down and then throw it away. Give yourself a certain time frame in which you will no longer continue to go on with those emotions. Now comes the hard part, trying to convince yourself that the other person deserves to be forgiven. Everytime this hurt comes into your heart, say to yourself "I forgive____for what she / he / they have done." Everytime you start to go over the scenario and start to get angry or sad, instead replace with " I forgive____for what she / he / they have done." You might not believe what you are saying first. But sending that message out into the universe will eventually help break the chain of black energy that links you together with an invisible line of hate.

Hopefully it will hit you one day. You can let it go, the hate, the anger or the betrayal how you were wronged and in a peaceful loving moment truly feel that forgiveness.The best possible way to break the chain of hate that connects you with an invisible link is to stand and face this person and truly believing and feeling in your heart what you are about to say to them."No matter you have done to me, I forgive you." It is truly disarming and can break that link that binds you. That’s it ! It maybe a long and hard task to get to that one simple line. 

What does it feel like ? Once you have set each other free, your heart feels lighter, you have an overwhelming feeling of peace. You suddenly understand it all, the reason you are here, the lesson that you need to learn while on this earth plane. You will never be the same because in every situation you can begin to feel compassion, humility and gratitude toward your fellow travelers here on earth. You can LOVE again. You are a radiant being moving forward in life. Be fine guys :)

Okay, benda ni aku hafal. But last paragraph terpaksa copy paste :3 hewhew. Oral aku. Esok kena present. Yeah. Doakan aku ! Kbai.

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