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"I am fine"

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This is a place to qwerty everything
Pardons my words

Awak comel.
Percaya tak?
Hm percayalah pleaseeee

K tipu jewp hahahaha
Kalau dah baca toksah nak memarah kalau gua cerita pasal lu. Suka hati gua nak cerita pasai sapa k. Kalau dah terasa tu whoops padan muka kahkahkah. Ini blog gua, kalau tapuasti meh kita face to face toksah pendam kang hati lu pula terbakar bhahaha.
Gimme some space to breathe.

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#426 Athazagoraphobia.

Everyone asked me "Where is she? Where is he? Where are them?"

I only said "I don't know maybe they are absent" and repeated the same answer to them. 

Until someone asked me "Why they are absent?"

My heart stopped beating. My brain thinking "Why? Why they are absent? I.... I don't know... why.."

They told me nothing.

Control myself. Think positively.

Maybe they will tell me tomorrow. I should not to intervene their problems. Just waiting for the reason.

Second day. It happened again.

No reason.

While this, I'm scared to tell everyone how much it hurts so I keep it all myself. But, now, you have no idea when I do this. Or maybe you just don't care.

"Why do everyone walk out of my life?"

"And, why always me?" 

Every second I was dying and they didn't see anything. Not only for this time. Making me feel worthless. They have acted like never cared about me. I feel invisible to everyone around me. Everytime.

No one cares how I feel when I'm alone. I repeat, not only for this time.

Go somewhere without me. Does not told me anything. Too many secrets they kept till I knew it by myself.

Do you realize when I have changed myself be a silent-person? I don't want to change but with all these, I'm done. The new me.

You like it? I hate it so much.

Actually, who is me? What I mean to you?

Nothing. I realized. You don't care anymore and you made me believe that you did.

It's like sreaming but no one can hear. This is the saddest part. Well, It hurts you know, because no one even knows I'm exist.

When I open my eyes, there's no one by my side. 

Stop missing someone when they are more happy without me.

Go ahead and find your happiness without me. Let me face it alone. You don't need me anymore. Never was, I think.


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